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Our Commitment to providing ongoing Service and Support


A message from the team –

During the past thirty-five years servicing Greater Vancouver/Lower Mainland, there have been occasions where customers immediately following service, have once again needed our help. We understand that paying a call out fee, after you have just payed for service and or repairs can be frustrating and some might think, a bit unfair.


We at ProGas and Heating Services want to remove your frustration. As part of our ongoing commitment,  we are happy to offer free call out(s) for 30 days from the date of your invoice. (Conditions apply)


Your Satisfaction is our goal. “Houston, we have a problem”

ProGas and Heating Services and our contractors warranty all service work for 30 days. If your not happy, it’s important we hear from you. For verification purposes and record keeping we DO NOT accept phone in inquiries or complaints. Your issue must be in writing and emailed to


To use our online form click here


Do not contact our contractors directly or you will lose all PGHS warranty(s)

For information about our contractors ongoing commitment to ProGas and Heating Services customers click here


Simple complaints can be resolved within 24-48 hrs.’ via email however, if your complaint has a story attached to it, allow 5-10 business days for us to get back to you.


If you are a senior, technology challenged, do not have accesses to the internet or your issue is of an urgent nature like a gas leak or no heat, please call our emergency line 604-424-8374


Free service call out(s) for 30 days from the date of your invoice

30 days free service call out means: 30 days from the date of service as written on your invoice, ProGas and Heating Services will not charge a minimum call out fee of $250.92 to re-attend your home.


Another Message from the team –

ProGas and Heating Services understands that paying for a service or a repair during the summer months and then come winter suddenly, it’s not working, oh-no! The thought of having to pay again can be frustrating and seem unfair. We get it! So here’s what we have for you.


30 day Extended for Service and Repairs between May 1 and September 1 of that same year

An appliance that is serviced or repaired between May 1 and September 1 of that same year, later having problems when you start using it again for winter, may have the service call out fee of $250.92 waived. This is taken on a case by case basis. We need to see what’s going wrong first.

Eligible only, for appliances for which we have previously serviced, repaired or installed in the past 30 days and/or between May 1 and September 1 of that same year and you have paid a fee;


Because our Gas fitters warranty their work for 30 days to both you and PGHS, the 30 days free service call out is limited to that Gas Fitter Contractor who originally attended your home.


In other words, if you want a different Gas fitter, we are unable to offer a free service call out because warranty will not apply with the second tradesman. A fee of $250.92 will be charged


If you want to know more about our contractors commitment to ongoing service click here


30 day free service call out or the 30 day extension for customers serviced between May 1 and September 1, does not include any addition labor or parts that may be required to resolve your most recent problem unless, the problem is related to a previous repair and subject to PGHS’s 5 year parts and labor warranty. For warranty info click here


If you refuse recommended repairs or parts as documented by our Gas fitter on our invoice and later required said recommended work, this will void all free service call outs that may have been available to you. Our logic being… you could have dealt with the issue the last time we were there.


For 35 years ProGas and Heating Services have serviced regular Hot Water Tanks for free. As such, regular Hot Water Tanks are not eligible for free service call out.


We do not offer free service call outs or programming support for digital thermostat operation. Please consult the manufacturers online documentation.


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