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ProGas and Heating Services has been in business for 35 years.
ProGas and Heating Services is offering 2 self-employed Gas Contractors an opportunity to join our team of already very successful contractors.
Contractor duties include: Furnace, Boiler, Gas fireplace and all other Gas Appliance servicing, repairs and installations.
We will book service work for you on a daily basis. Our experienced dispatch staff will dispatch the customer(s) to you thereby confirming customers and then follow up with PR service.
You set your days and hours of work.
We do the sales, you do the service

ProGas and Heating Services will provide the following:

Year round service work;
Customer scheduling and appointment confirmation;
Dispatch service;
Rescheduling service;
Follow up and resale service;
Customer complaint and relations;
Debt collection;

Gas Contractor(s) will need to provide the following:

A current Gas Fitter and Contractor license/bond;
There own service vehicle with GPS;
All necessary tools of the trade;
Gas leak detector;
Carbon monoxide detector;
Sufficient gas appliance service knowledge;
You must warranty your work for 30 days.

Make $120,000+ per year

All service revenue is split between the contractor and ProGas and Heating Services .
All up sales revenue is split after the cost of materials have been deducted.


By accepting the contract work contained herein, you agree all customer information, including but not limited to Name, Address, phone number provided to you in the course of your contracting duties remain the exclusive property of 578047 BC LTD hereinafter referred to as ProGas and Heating Services or PGHS.

You further agree you will not solicit PGHS customers; meaning:

      • 1. You will not provide customers with your personal contact information, 
      • 2. Place a “service sticker” other than that of PGHS on the customer’s appliances 
      • 3. Or provide to the customer a business card or any other method of contact other than that of PGHS. 


You further agree, you will not accept, seek, solicit, or otherwise provide Gas appliance services to ProGas and Heating customers, either during or after the term of your contracting duties with PGHS unless specifically directed to do so by ProGas and Heating Services. And that should you provide such unauthorized services to PGHS customers you will be liable to pay damages to PGHS for loss of income and breach of contract.
That you, the contractor shall comply with all Gas Safety Regulations, requirements and directions in the performance of your duty’s.
That you the contractor shall conduct yourself with integrity, honesty and strong moral character when dealing with PGHS Customers.
That you the contractor shall warranty your work for 30 days which includes but is not limited to: service, repairs and on the job up-sales, to both the customer and ProGas and Heating Services.
That you the contractor shall be solely responsible for the resolution of Customer complaints including but not limited to BBB complaints related to the quality and performance of your services which includes but is not limited to service, repairs and on the job up-sales; And that such resolutions shall indemnify PGHS from harm of reputation or financial loss.



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