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Payment plans – Installations and Repairs, Policies and Terms


A message from the team –

We completely understand how frustrating unforeseen expenses can be and we would like to help.

If you find yourself a little behind because of that sudden repair or the replacement of a major gas appliance, fear not… We at ProGas and Heating Services would like to extend a helping hand and allow you, time to pay. Pay our invoice at a pace that does not stress you or your bank account.


If you’re a Senior and are really struggling, click here.


Types of payment we accept

  • All major Credit Cards
  • Cheques and Cash
  • etransfer
  • BTC

We do not accept DEBT


Payment plans

Pay for your repairs over 3 months

For repairs exceeding $500, we are please to offer 3 months intrest free for you to pay our invoice. Pay as much or as little as you can afford. The invoice MUST be paid in 90 days. (For more information read our Polices and terms below)


Paying for your new Gas Appliance(s) over 12 months

For the installation of 1 or more major Gas appliances, 50% of the invoice must be paid upon completion of the installation(s). The remaining 50% of the invoice can be paid over 12 months at a pace that does not break you or your bank account. (For more information read our Polices and terms below)



You must be the home owner and living in the home for which the payment plan has been entered into.

You can not currently have the property up for sale.

If you put the property up for sale you must emmediatly pay the invoive in full.

We do not finance Installations or repairs where a person is renting the property. 

We do not offer payment plans to landlords and there rental property’s.

Payment method must be either post dated cheques or a valid Credit Card.


Payments shall be split equally over the period of financing.

Example: Joe buys a $5000 furnace and finances $2500 over 12 months. The payments would be $2500 divided by 12 so the equal monthly payment would be $208.33 which can be paid by Credit Card or Cheque

Example: Karen has repairs of $799 and wants to finance over three months. The payments would be divided by 3 so the equal monthly payment would be$266.33 per month.


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Interest free payments.

Declined Credit Card or NSF cheque payments are subject to a $45 surcharge per instance.

Early payment does not qualify for a discount because the financing is interest free, but we do appreciate you paying early, thanks.

When using Credit Card to make your monthly payments you must stipulate a payment date. If paying by cheque we accept postdated cheques for the term of the financing. For BTC please contact accounting.


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A Message from the Team

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