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Neighborhood Group Specials

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How our Neighborhood Group Specials Work

By grouping in with other customers local to your area, PGHS eliminates the need for costly travel between jobs. We save both on time, fuel and more enabling PGHS to service more customers, theirby making more money and in turn rewarding our customers with cheaper pricing. Everybody wins!


For groupings of five(5) or more people that live within a five minute drive from the other and agree to have there appliance(s) serviced on the same day. 


How to register your appliance for the Neighborhood Group Specials

You must fill in your online form.

    1. 1) Provide your Name, Address, Phone number and Postal Code
    2. 2) Provide your email Address
    3. 3) Specify what Month|Week|Day of the year you want service
    4. 4) Specify Morning|Afternoon|Evening for service
    5. 5) Provide details on what appliance(s) you want servicing. Eg: Furnace and Gas fireplace
    6. 6) Choose PGHS as your service provider or if you have a differant service provider pick that company.
    7. (For more information on how the Neighborhood Group Specials work when using another company other than ProGas and Heating click here). 
    8. 7) Leave special instructions if nessasary.
    9. 8) You will recieve a verification email link to confirm your registration.

fill in your online form here

Register now and Save Save Save!


How the Neighborhood Group Specials work when using another company other than ProGas and Heating Services

PGHS collects the information of all customers whether-or-not you are a PGHS customer. When the time is right we forward your neighbourhood group to the service provider you specified, with a recommended volume discount (based upon how many of your neighbours registered as you did).

you will recieve an email advising that we have forwarded yours and your neighbours information and request for service for that day to your service provider along with a recomended discount.


This service is provided free to you the customer.


If your service provider agrees to the recomended discount (as set by the PGHS volume guidelines) PGHS will release your information to the company so that they may contact you or PGHS will book your appointment(s) on behalf on said company.


If your service provider rejects your opportunity to save save save


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