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Cancellations, Returns, Refund policies and fees


Pursuant to the Consumer Protection Act, the cancellation of goods on order or the return of delivered goods must be within 10 days from the date of your invoice, after which all sales are considered final,


Unless noted in our Return Policy Exceptions, most new, unopened, unused part(s) sold by ProGas and Heating Services can be cancelled and returned within 10 days  providing the part(s) have not already been installed or used.


The cancellation of ordered goods, especially where a gas appliance installation is scheduled MUST be in writting. We do not accept phone in notification. Please send written notification to [email protected] Please include the following information:

      • Name
      • Address
      • phone number
      • Where a gas appliance was to be purchased and installed, a copy of the signed contract.
      • How was the deposit for the goods made. e.g Check, cash, debit or credit?
      • Please state clearly you are cancelling and if you could tell us why. we would appretiate knowing
      • If you are a third party acting on behalf of the customer please click here.


    Or click here to use our online form.


Where special orders for parts, that are non-returnabe are to be placed, you will be notified in advance that all sales are final. This can sometimes happen with control boards and other special order electrical items and we have no control of the manufactore or suppliers return policies, so… if you are seeking a refund your issue is with the manufactor or our suppler, not ProGas and Heating Services.


Return Policy Exceptions

Gas Fireplace door glass is non-refundable.



We do not pick up goods free of charge that the customer wishs to return. The responsibility and assosiated costs therein for returns rest sololy with the customer..


Refund policies

If Credit Card was used to deposit or pay for your returning goods, please allow 10 business days from the date we recieved the goods for proceesing your refund.


If a check was used to deposit or pay for your returning goods, please allow 14 business days from the date we recieved the goods for proceesing your refund



When cancelling a gas appliance installation or parts and other goods, resocking fees, third party delivery charges and/or half hours labor charge, if we have had to attended the suppliers in the course of ordering your, now cancelled part(s) may be charged,


Filters, thermostats and other commonly purchased items


We comply with Consumer Protection Act


For your conveniance we have provided a link to Consumer Protection BC, the direct sellers act, especaly the 10 day return policy related to the cancellation and the return of goods. Please read this valuable information here



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