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Our Commitment to providing ongoing Repair Support


A message from the team –

We at ProGas and Heating Services understand repairs can be costly. The last thing you as a customer want, is two or three years down the road, to have to pay again. To that end, ProGas and Heating Services, is the ONLY COMPANY in Vancouver, to offer at no extra cost; 5 years parts and labor warranty on all repairs.

Of course, conditions apply, we need to know your taking care of those bits and pieces, so have a read and if there’s any questions, we’re happy to listen.


Our commitment to honesty, integrity and clarity when replacing parts

When parts are replaced; it is our policy to leave the old parts onsite with the customer, contained in a clear plastic bag with a date tag, the gas fitters name and a tamper seal.

If the customer signs our invoice stating “Please take my old parts with you. I do not want them” The old parts will be removed from job site by ProGas and Heating Service’s gas contractor and stored in the office for 48 hrs from the date on the invoice after which said parts will be disposed of.


I want a 2nd opinion about my old part(s)

If ProGas and Heating Service’s is excluded from the re-evaluation process and/or the security seal on the plastic bag containing your old part(s) has been broken prior to our attendance, we will not accept differing opinions related to the condition of your old parts and the need for replacing them.

The re-evaluation process must be completed within 30 calendar days from the date of the invoice related to the old part(s) replacement or you will be charged a service call out fee of $190.00 related to our attendance. For more information on our free service call out policies click here



If our Gas contractor takes your old parts with him without first obtaining written permission from you on our invoice, please contact the office 604-200-8012 or 604-200-8043 immediately.

Special note: This policy does not include the installation of a gas appliance wherein the old unit will be removed from site upon job completion


5 years’ Parts Labor Warranty for repairs, parts and other purchases

Conditions and other valuable information

Is contingent on annual yearly servicing of the gas appliance for which the repair(s), parts replaced or new product was purchased and/or installed.

All Warranty Service must be completed by a duly authorized PGHS gas technician or your warranty is void.

For the 1st year of usage, our 5 year parts  labor warranty remains in good standing. It is only upon the anniversary date of the transaction and your failure to properly maintain the appliance pursuant to our maintenance polices does the 5 years parts labor warranty cancel. Want to know Why?

If you use another company to service a gas appliance(s) for which PGHS hold warranty, PGHS will cancel any existing warranties for those appliance(s) held by the company. This is because PGHS is unable to confirm the quality and reputability of the work carried out by the other company.


Sticking with us. Rolling your repair costs into a new appliance install 

You have 1 year from the date of repair to roll previous repair costs into the cost of a new Gas appliance. You can only roll previous repair costs specific to that appliance for which you are now replacing. In other words – You cannot roll the cost of repairs for your Gas fireplace into the cost of a new Furnace.


Rebates work like this – $1-500 100% rebate. Over $500 = 50% rebate


Repair Pricing, Parts and Labor – A word to the wise

ProGas and Heating Services pricing, reflects the absolute convenience of immediate service, solution and quick resolution to problems that you the customer quickly and effortlessly benefit from. Our pricing is not, nor is it required to be, in competition with the internet, Wholesalers, Suppliers or large outlets chains. There should be no comparison in pricing between parts supplier’s and that of a home service and repair provider, providing worry free home services with the “part(s)” conveniently in hand and warranty to boot. We would like our valued customers to know that, fair pricing and value for service is an important core value of PGHS. Our research has shown PGHS’s prices are most often cheaper or equal to other home service competitors.


For information on our ONE YEAR BEAT THAT PRICE guarantee on all Gas Appliance Installations click here


Let’s not forget, that when purchasing via the internet there is still shipping and handling; possibly exchange rates and duty, and a waiting period for your part(s) to arrive. Alternatively, your spending your own time, gas and money heading up the road, getting the item(s) yourself. You still, need to pay a certified Gas Fitter to attend your home to install said part(s) which most likely includes a service call out fee and labor,  What about warranty on your customer supplied part and the repair as a whole?  I have yet to see, in my 35 years a Gas fitter warranty a customer supplied part and if the repair fails, your stuck with a hole new set of problems which more than likely will include paying again.

ProGas and Heating Services, part cost(s) include pickup fee’s and/or stocking fees. Often parts need to be researched (which can, add to the extra cost), all taking time. All our repairs carry a complete replacement five-year parts, labor warranty (conditions apply) If the part stops working (while under warranty) its replaced for FREE

For more information on repair warranty click here.


For Seniors, ProGas and Heating Services is pleased to offer a $20 per hour discount off the regular hourly rate.


If you cannot afford the repairs ProGas and Heating Services is pleased to offer payment options that allow you to pay interest free over 6 months. For information click here

We believe we work hard for you, our valued customer, providing a great service and products for what we believe is fair market value.


For more information on Senior Discounts click here


So at the end of the day, is internet pricing for parts even relevant or comparable? We say no, you can not expect a 5 star service on a 1 star budget.

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