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The BBB lowered our A+ rating to F overnight, after we cancelled our accreditation and asked for our money back

2022 – Alert:  
Unsuccessfully, after more than a year of Patient, Truthful, and Genuine efforts to resolve the willful and knowing, demonstrably false claims made against PGHS by the Better Business Bureau of Mainland British Columbia in there two “Alerts” and the ‘F’ rating posted to ProGas and Heating Services BBB profile webpage based on specious claims by the BBB of trademark infringement, rather than customer interactions or complaints, ProGas and Heating Services has no other choice but to seek Truth, Honesty, Transparency, integrity and justice in a court of law.  
To read our lawyers final warning letter to the Better Business bureau of the Lower mainland prior to commencement of legal action click here   


2019 – Why we cancelled our accreditation membership with the Better Business Bureau

ProGas and Heating’s Services cancelled its accreditation membership out of disgust and outraged because while the Better Business Bureau, claims to operate as advocates of Trust, Honesty, Truth, Transparency, Integrity, and to be Responsive, it has sort to Mislead, Censor, Persecute, and Punish this company for its views. Moreover, attempting via intimidation and nefarious administrative tactics, to take away, to negatively influence this company’s rights to defend its reputation against false, slanderous, and misleading narrative in a court of law.


2021 – We caught the Better Business Bureau deliberately lying about us on their website

Posted to ProGas and Heating Services BBB profile webpage, the BBB falsely claim trademark infringement and alleged, unauthorized usage of the BBB accreditation logo(s).


PGHS is using no BBB trademarks nor are we displaying any accreditation logo’s on our website since cancelling our BBB accreditation 2019.


If you want to read more about this including all the corrispondance click Here





BBB’s rating system Unworthy of consumer confidence  

Better Business Bureau accused of biased ratings

The BBB NOT Reporting Truthfully?

Called a “shack down” and “a scam” by business owners. “Pay get an A or face the prospect of an F”

Click here to watch what the ABC 2020 News investigation revieled.

We’re not the only company victimized for not subscribing to the Better Business Bureau accreditation program or having a “mind of our own” on whats fair Vs not. Click here to read what CBC News had to say.

A mortgage broker charged with discriminating against minority borrowers. A financial firm preying on seniors. A medical testing company paying kickbacks to doctors. And a vitamin maker that allegedly misled parents with claims that its supplements could treat symptoms of autism.

All of these companies boasted BBB’s A+ rating


Were fighting back against the BBB’s clear bias towards this company

ABC News, CBC News, CNN reports on the continuing, disgraceful and nefarious conduct of the Better Business Bureau
1994-2014 BBB falsely claiming PGHS did not respond to Customer complaints. We responded to every single one “F” rating
2014 – 2019 Drinking the Kool-Aid to keep our A+ Rating until we had had enough Mistreatment
2020 – The Better Business Bureau took 4 months to refund ProGas and Heating Services its accreditation dues
2020 – 2021 The Better Business Bureau and it’s staff are a bunch of lying bastards and we caught them, read how!
We Believe
30+ years of Misleading and False narrative; Punitive Mistreatment at the hands of the Better Business Bureau
The Better Business Bureau’s Dictatorship and Mafia style tactics
Is there a “BBB” for the BBB
In the Public’s Interest – A word to the wise








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