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The BBB changed our A+ rating to F overnight, after we cancelled our accreditation and asked for our money back


Why we cancelled our accreditation membership with the Better Business Bureau

ProGas and Heating’s Services cancelled its accreditation membership out of disgust and outraged because while the Better Business Bureau, claims to operate as advocates of free speech and high moral values such as “Start with Trust”, it has sort to Censor, Persecute and Punish this company for its views. Moreover, attempting via intimidation and nefarious administrative tactics, to take away, to negatively influence this company’s rights to defend its reputation against false, slanderous, and misleading narrative in a court of law.


Why you ask?

Because, If you don’t drink the kool-aid, you’re against them.


Better Business Bureau accused of biased ratings

We’re not the only company victimized for not subscribing to the Better Business Bureau accreditation program or having a “mind of our own” on whats fair Vs not. Click here to read what the CBC News had to say.  


30+ years of Misleading and Disingenuous narrative; Punitive and willful Mistreatment at the hands of the Better Business Bureau

We are currently working on our presentation that shows how, over the past 30+ years, the Better Business Bureau has willfully and repeatedly targeted, mistreated and employed mafia style tactics against ProGas and Heating Services and mislead the public with provocative, false, and slanderous narrative on their website to discredit this company. 


1994-2014 BBB falsely claiming PGHS did not respond to Customer complaints. We responded to every single one “F” rating

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The Better Business Bureau are not honest or trustworthy

ProGas and Heating Services can prove, the Better Business Bureau has willfully and punitively published false and misleading narrative online to discredit this company.


The Better Business Bureau’s most recent false allegations about us

Nowhere, is ProGas and Heating Services “falsely identifying” ourselves “as a BBB Accredited Business”. This company cancelled its accreditation..

We invite any person reading this to “have a look” through our website.


ProGas and Heating Services responded to each email sent to us from the BBB and we can prove it. In two responce emails sent to the Better Business Bureau, Mr Oguz Ardal, December 3, 2020 and further responces to Mr.Shevoney M. McQueen, December 4 and 13 2020, Cc’d to Malinda Han of the Better Business Bureau (Vancouver) PGHS advised, that all trademarked Better Business bureau logo’s, including all accreditation logo’s had been removed from our site after we withdrew from the Better Business Bureau accreditation program.

ProGas and Heating Services is not displaying the BBB logo on our website.

It took 3 months and multiple broken promises from the BBB before we recieved our accreditation refund.

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Listing other company’s complaints against PGHS

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BBB Censorship

Redating key explanations/statements in PGHS’s responses that change the understanding of events while allowing provocative and untrue statements from customers to remain. this generates a misleading and damaging impression of events against the company

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Is there a “BBB” for the BBB

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The Better Business Bureau‘s Mafia style tactics

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What our customers are saying